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What is covered by Technical and Maintenance Services?

  • All technical services for project development, implementation and maintenance
  • A one-stop shop for all matters related to maintenance, optimisation, analysis, updating and upgrading, remedy, repair, extension, refurbishment and recycling
  • Training and support for customers and partners

In which regions are Technical and Maintenance Services available?

We’re available worldwide - with the same high levels of service, cost and quality. For more details, just get in touch with your local contact.

How can Services be ordered and at which rate?

All services can be ordered directly from your local sales representative. Alternatively, get in touch with your regional contact person of Technical and Maintenance Services.

Who should I speak to if I don't know my local contact or if they're not available?

If your local sales representative is either not available or not known, you can always get in touch with your regional contact person for Technical and Maintenance Services - or with our
headquarter team.

Which products are supported by ZGS?

We build our solutions around the core values of actual customer need, sustainability, reliability and the consistent reduction of complexity. To achieve this, we always select the best option available - even if this means calling on some non-ZGS products.

Which other lighting controls products (e.g. KNX) are supported by ZGS?

We work with any products, systems or protocols that meet the needs of the customer and help everyone hit the defined project goals.

Which products are not supported by ZGS?

Products that fail to meet our high standards in terms of quality, usability, reliability and sustainability. Our focus is on providing the best possible infrastructure, interfacing and system integration for your lighting solution. While we may occasionally liaise with experts from outside out professional network, other aspects of the building infrastructure (such as fire protection or access control) are not part of our remit.

Does ZGS offer training for its technical solutions? If so, who can receive this training?

Training is available for every aspect of a lighting project for its whole lifetime: planning, design, commissioning, maintenance, operation & usage. Other trainings may also be offered, depending on demand and specific requirements. For more details, take a closer look at our offer or get in touch with our training managers.

Where and how can I register for these training sessions?

You can register for training through your local sales representative. Alternatively, just get in touch with your Technical and Maintenance Services regional contact person. For more details about training, feel free to contact our training managers directly.